Satellite Measuring the Internet's Stars

Satellite is a methodology, tool chain, and data-set for understanding global trends in website deployment and accessibility using a single or small number of standard end hosts. Satellite collects information on DNS resolution and resource availability around the Internet by monitoring the IPv4 address space. These measurements are valuable in their breadth and sustainability, since this machine collects a full data set on its own each week. Satellite is committed to openness, and all code and data is made available.

Read the USENIX ATC Paper


Code is kept up to date on Github.


Collected data is stored on


Flagged anomalies will begin backfilling into /anomaly.


If you wish to opt-out from satellite scans, email details of your network to


Interactive presentation of collected data is in progress. To demonstrate the scope of data collected with Satellite, we have provided a demonstration extraction of the Current Interference observed in Iran.


If you're interested in using Satellite data to influence your serving infrastructure or other distributed web project, we have an internal API can work with you to provide access to. Contact us for more information.

Maintained by the University of Washington CSE Networks Lab